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Fully nonlinear dynamic numerical analysis

Applied Element Method.com is dedicated to the educating engineers, scientists and researchers about the advancements inherent in AEM technology. The Applied Element Method, or AEM, is a new method of analysis, one that is capable of predicting the continuum and discrete behavior of structures to a greater degree of accuracy than current methods. With more than two decades of continuous research and development AEM has been proven to be the only method that can track structural collapse behavior passing through all stages of loading; elastic, crack initiation and propagation in tension-weak materials, reinforcement yielding, element separation, element collision (contact), and collision with the ground and adjacent structures.


The Influence of Structural Arrangement on Long-duration Blast Response of Annealed Glazing

This paper investigates the influence of structural arrangement on long-duration blast loaded annealed glazing via variable thickness, area, aspect ratio and edge support conditions. Initially, the findings of eighteen full-scale air-blast trials employing 33 annealed glazing panels are reported where it is demonstrated that fracture mode and fragmentation are a strong function of edge supports.

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