A new efficient numerical model termed Applied Element Method (AEM), which can be a new tool for discussing a new philosophy of design of structure, is introduced. Although formulation and material model adopted in the method are simple, highly nonlinear behavior of structures in both static and dynamic conditions can be simulated accurately in reasonable CPU time. Conventionally, structures were designed based on the assumption that an engineering designed structure would never collapse, however, this was wrong and it miss-guided people in some sense not to think seriously about the chaotic situation. To show the accuracy and applicability of the method, numerical results of nonlinear behavior of reinforced concrete structures obtained by the AEM are compared with experimental results.

Kimiro Meguro and Hatem Tagel-Din: Applied Element Method: A New Efficient Tool for Design of Structure Considering its Failure Behavior, 5th U.S. National Conference on Lifeline Earthquake Engineering, Seattle, Washington, 12-14 Aug., 1999.


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