A simple and efficient technique for nonlinear analysis of strucutres was developed and verified by the authors. The results showed good agreement in following the initiation, location and propagation of cracks and in calculating the failure load.  One of the main factors which was not taken into account in the previous works using elements with three degrees of freedom, is Poisson’s ratio.  In this paper, we introduce a new technique to deal with this problem.  This technique can be applied in both linear and nonlinear cases. We apply the new technique to compression test of specimens subjected to uniform compression stresses. We compare calculated Poisson’s ratio from simulation result with theoretical one, and find good agreement between them. This indicates that the newly proposed method can be a good tool to simulate the behavior which is mainly governed by the Poisson’s ratio like effect of confinement in concrete columns and/or soil.

Hatem Tagel-Din and Kimiro Meguro: Consideration of Poisson’s Ratio Effect in Structural Analysis Using Elements with Three Degrees of Freedom, Bulletin of Earthquake Resistant Structure Research Center, Institute of Industrial Science, The University of Tokyo, No. 31, March 1998.

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