Alternative Load Path Analysis (ALPA) is becoming the most common technique for performance based design of structures to resist disproportionate collapse. This has coincided with an increased ability of high fidelity numerical analysis tools validated by experimental work. This paper presents the results of analysis of reinforced concrete flat plate subsystems tested at the University of Missouri and modeled using the Applied Element Method. The experiment analysis shows the importance of modeling membrane action of slabs when performing alternate load path analysis. The results also show that is important to take into consideration brittle failure modes such as the punching shear failure of slabs and the debonding of deformed steel bars.

Khalil, A., Orton, S. (2016). Experimental & Analytical Alternate Load Path Analysis for Reinforced Concrete Flat Plate Systems, Structures Congress 2017. Key Words: Nonlinear Dynamic Analysis, Progressive Collapse, Disproportionate Collapse, Alternate Path.

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