Within the past 40 years, abnormal loadings resulting from natural hazards, design flaws, construction errors, and man-made threats have induced progressive collapse in structures all over the world. As progressive collapse behavior has become more prominent, it has made the necessity for design and analysis tools evident. In effort to provide one of these tools, Applied Science International, Inc. introduced its Extreme Loading® for Structures (ELS®) software, capable of progressive collapse simulation.

This research evaluates the effectiveness of Extreme Loading® for Structures as an emerging, nonlinear dynamic analysis software package in modeling progressive collapse scenarios. The ELS® software utilizes the Applied Element Method (AEM) of numerical analysis, separating it from other available software packages. The software and analysis methodology’s accuracy are investigated through simulation of two structural implosions. Comparing the predicted response to the documented response, each scenario is evaluated by analyzing the material models, failure criteria, local structural behavior, and global collapse behavior.

Griffin J. W. (2008) “Experimental and analytical investigation of progressive collapse through demolition scenarios and computer modeling”, M. Sc., Civil engineering, North Carolina.

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