DThe collapse of non-engineered masonry is one of the greatest causes of death in major earthquake events around the world, yet by definition non-engineered structures remain largely outside of the scope of modern engineering research. For this reason, the majority of those at risk remain so, despite the many recent advances in earthquake engineering. This project therefore aims to:

  • Test a recently developed retrofitting technology (polypropylene meshing), specifically aimed at preventing the collapse of adobe (mud brick) buildings under strong earthquakes.
  • Demonstrate the application of a recently developed numerical tool, the Applied Element Method, in dynamic modelling of blocky masonry into the collapse stage.
  • Implement the proposed retrofitting technique in a seismically active region of the Kathmandu Valley, Nepal.

Joshua Macabuag: Extending the Collapse Time of Non-Engineered Masonry Buildings Under Seismic Loading, The Structural Engineer 1 April 2008.

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