Anew extension for the Applied Element Method (AEM) for structural analysis is introduced. This paper deals with the large deformation of elastic structures under static loading condition. In the formulation used, no geometric stiffness matrix is adopted. The formulation used is simple and general and it can be applied for any structural configuration or material type. This technique is based on determination of the residual forces due to geometrical changes of the structure during simulation. The accuracy of the proposed technique is checked by comparing with the theoretical results and, in all cases, the buckling loads, mode and post-buckling behavior of structures can be followed accurately.

K. Meguro, H. Tagel-Din. “Simulation of Buckling and Post-Buckling Behavior of Structures Using Applied Element Method.” BULLETIN OF EARTHQUAKE RESISTANT STRUCTURE RESEARCH CENTER, INSTITUTE OF INDUSTRIAL SCIENCE, NO. 32, (MARCH 1999).


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