Terrorist acts of the past two decades have resulted in major changes in approaches further military actions, while having consequences for all areas of social life. Many of terrorist attacks targeted or collaterally affected buildings, destroying them entirely or causing significant damage on them. Therefore, the international response has included measures to protect buildings against bomb attacks for government buildings, diplomatic headquarters, military objectives etc. This paper aims to make a summary of current measures that can be taken to ensure the frame structures against terrorist bomb attacks. On the other hand, using numerical analyzes, there will be establish new possibilities to adapt the structural system of reinforced concrete buildings so that the effects of blasting to be limited.

CǍTǍLIN, B. (2015) Structural Stability of Buildings Exposed to the Risk of Terrorist Bomb Attacks. Postdoctorand în cadrul Institutului de Economie Mondială, Academia Română. Impactul transformărilor socio-economice și tehnologice la nivel national, european si mondial; Nr.8/2015, Vol.8

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