DVoronoi Applied Element Method (VAEM) has been developed based on previous Appleid Element Method (AEM). Comparing to the original AEM, the advantage of VAEM can be described as the followings: the boundary of VAEM domain can fit to any type of domain easily, pre-existing joint rather than in the horizontal and vertical direction can be modeled, the model does not require numerical Poisson’s ratio, element size can be changed and displacement solution is not depended on the element size.  The verification of the model from elastic to non-linear range was shown in the paper.  The proposed model shows good compatibility to theories and experimental results.

K. Worakanchana, K. Meguro. “Voronoi Applied Element Method for Structural Analysis: Theory and Application for Linear and Non-linear Materials.” BULLETIN OF EARTHQUAKE RESISTANT STRUCTURE RESEARCH CENTER, INSTITUTE OF INDUSTRIAL SCIENCE, NO. 39, (MARCH 2006).

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